Addicted To Co-Sleeping?!

I’ve been sleeping with my baby girl since day one, and I LOVE it. But even in the hospital I almost felt like a child being scolded when I was told by the nurses not to co-sleep and was even told to sign some kind of paper saying I won’t co-sleep. I felt like it was completely unneeded, but signed it anyways because that wasn’t the first time they told me not to co-sleep. Even then, I went back to co-sleeping after the nurse left. Now I understand why people are very tentative when it comes to their baby being safe when they slept. I’ll admit, for the first few weeks of being a mom I feared one day I’d wake up and my daughter would be stuck under me or I’d accidentally roll over her (I’m not even a heavy sleeper!) I had her in the incubator bed next to us when we slept in the hospital, but most times she wouldn’t sleep alone. I mean think about it, you’re brand new in the world, not used to being even an inch away from mommy, not to mention it’s a little drafty, you’d want to sleep right under your mom or dad too. So that’s what we did. Yes literally all 3 of us were cooped in that small twin sized hospital bed. Of COURSE I was afraid she was going to get stuck under one of us, especially with her dad being more of a heavier sleeper. But she was DETERMINED to sleep with us, every time we tried to put her in her little bed, AAAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAH! (My baby has always had move of a yell than a cry) Yea no, this isn’t gonna work.

Even after the hospital, I continued to co-sleep. Still a little paranoid, I would put her travel bassinet one the bed next to me. That became kinda annoying because when she’d wake up I’d have to get her out, the reason this slight task becomes a problem is because I’d be half sleep. After some time passed by, I became more and more comfortable and decided to let her sleep right next to me. Also, being a breast feeder, co-sleeping goes hand in hand. It makes feeding easier since most of the time she falls asleep right on the breast and sometimes I do as well, perfect because we’re already in bed. At around 3 months, I tried to see if she would sleep alone in her actual bassinet. I set her bed up LESS than an inch away from my bed. She was fine when she would go to sleep, but when she’d get hungry in the middle of the night, I switched her back to my bed to feed and go back to sleep. This became her sleeping arrangement for 3-4 days out of the week.

After finally moving into a new place, we had her sleeping with us every night. At this point this was around 4 month. We still had her bassinet next to our bed but hardly ever used it, now only did our daughter get attached to co-sleeping, but we did too. At 6 months, my dad brought over the crib he built. We tried letting her sleep in her crib in her room, she still woke up in the middle of the night hungry. It’s just easier for her to sleep near us not only so we can monitor her, but also to feed her and tend to her other needs. We also just love the feeling of her laying right next to us. Not to mention waking up to her smiling face and happy energy is the perfect thing to wake up to and it never gets old. It feels like were going through withdrawals when she doesn’t sleep with us. The overall feeling is really indescribable, it just feels something is missing with a side of sadness. She’s now 7 months and doesn’t look like she’ll be sleeping in her room anytime soon and we’re just fine with that.

I totally encourage co-sleeping, just PLEASE make sure you’re following the right co-sleeping guidelines to avoid SIDS and any other dangers. Use this link to learn more about co-sleeping.



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